Ever felt like asking, "If your marketing program is SO good, why can't you guarantee me results?"
Well guess what... We can! That's right... We guarantee client calls.
No catch! And you won't need to give crazy discounts to new customers!
Immersive SEO wants to show you just how powerful our Search Engine Domination can be for your auto repair shop. So we are offering to send you 10 new client phone calls for just $150.
Once you get to experience what we can do, you can lock in your opportunity to be getting 50+ new client calls per month - GUARANTEED.
10 new client calls guaranteed. Space is limited - and we will only work with ONE shop per market area. Don't miss your chance to lock in your market...
Could $150 Investment Get You $30,000 in Business Over the Next 5 Years?
A crucial part of deciding how much to invest in new customer acquisition is to fully understand what each customer is worth to your business. The real value of a new customer is not just the money they spend on that first visit to your dealership, but it is the money they will continue to spend with you over the years that they are your customer.
Let's walk through some simple math on how to determine the REAL value of a new customer to your shop...

(Average Value of a Service Visit) x (Number of Yearly Visits) x (Average Retention of a Customer in Years) = Estimated Lifetime Value

For auto repair services, a reasonable calculation may be:
$300 (Average Value of Service Visit) x 2 (Visits Per Year) = $600 x 5 (Average Years of Retention) = $3,000

So in this case a customer could be worth $3,000 to your shop over the next 5 years!

Now multiply that average customer value of $3,000 by the 10 new client calls* you will receive with this small investment and you can see how a $150 investment can turn into $30,000 over the next 5 years...

*Yeah it's time for the fine print! YES we guarantee 10 phone calls but it is up to YOU to turn those phone calls into to customers and those customers into loyal customers that keep coming back to your shop. 
Steve Rich,
Owner of All County Automotive
"We switched over to Immersive SEO a month and a half ago. The results are incredible. With the same budget that I used with a large company, Jennifer was able to make our phone ring 70 more times this month than the average of the other company. That 70 phone calls is a real stat, and we are on pace for a record breaking month in car count and sales. This is a direct result of using Jennifer at Immersive SEO.”"
10 new clients is just the start of what you will get once you sign up...
Wouldn't it be nice to keep your car counts, up and your shop full with out having to run profit crushing coupons all the time?
It is true, you CAN drive new business on autopilot! 

How? By showing up when your customer is looking for you. And where do people look when they need a service in their area, the YellowPages? Not anymore. They go to Google and the other search engines.

They type in things like "car A/C repair near me" or "auto repair shop" and the business that comes out on top wins that customer. Don't you think someone searching for those things in Google might be interested in getting service done? No-brainer right!

SO how do YOU become the shop that comes out on top? That is where Immersive SEO comes in. Not only will we deliver your phone calls, but we will do an in-depth video analysis of your website which will highlight areas of opportunity, actionable steps advice to improve your site and show you how Immersive SEO can help you become the "shop on top".

If you are still on the fence there is one more thing you need to know...

When a shop signs up for our full Search Engine Domination package, they lock in their marketing area and we will not offer our services to their competitors under any circumstances. So you can rest assured you will dominate your market and have your competitors wondering what you are doing that is keeping your shop full to the brim!

So grab your spot and lock out your competition today...
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